Mental Health

Our thoughts can be the calm in the storm or the winds of the storm itself. We can end up being blown around throughout our days, as we act out and react to what we think (and feel). I am living proof of how destructive that can be.

I am also living proof of how constructive, productive, and satisfying our lives can become when we redirect our thinking patterns and take the wheel back.

The intentional seeking and cultivation of inner peace is a major piece of the transformation puzzle. We become gardeners of our minds (growing its beauty and ridding it of the weeds) when we:

  • actively take our thoughts captive
  • meditate on God's wisdom
  • Bible study and journal
  • express gratitude 


Uprooting the mindsets that keep us stuck and stagnant frees us from our subconscious beliefs that limit our opportunities for growth.

What we need is not out there. It lies within us — and our relationship with Christ.